Monday, June 11, 2012

HTML5 based development-Introduction

Hello everyone. This marks my first blog post ever.

In this space I intend to talk about one of my many The main technology of interest here is HTML5 and all the neat little things you can do with it. But before we get into all that I'd like to say a little bit about myself first.

I myself am a 21 year old college grad that has always had a passion for games. One of my biggest dreams  were to be able to create games for a living (and for fun too right?). But growing up reading about the gaming industry as whole throughout the years I, and probably many of you, would always wonder how do they do it?

Well, after months of research I've learned many things. With still a lot to learn, I've found a lot of tools that I bet game devs of the old era wish they would have had to the luxury to take advantage of as they make for easy team development AND indie game development. Thus the nature of technology.

So what I've decided to do here is go over those various tools. I've found many helpful blogs and posts that cover these tools which I will be referring to later on in future posts. The initial focus will be on game development tools since that's what I've been researching the most (plus games rock).

I will touch on other HTML5 based tools in the future as well, as those can be very useful as well.

Happy deving.