Tuesday, January 29, 2013

HTML5Boom is Still Booming

Sometimes life gives you lemons...

...and sometimes lemonade don't cut it. Sometimes things happen where you have to to think outside of the box because life puts you in situations that force you to stop and think. Things like computer crashes, and/or some resource somewhere falling short.

Starting up is one of the best and worst times to fail.

On the one side, failure of any kind usually causes a person to quit. This could be short term failure, long term failure, failure on your end to uphold a bargain, or failure from another to uphold their end of the bargain, most people see it as a some magical sign or reason that they should quit.

On the other side, those with the resilience to push through the failures brought on to them and take them as gifts in the form of lessons instead of taking them as their que to close the curtains on their wants and dreams. With each and every result comes information with it that you can receive and utilize for your next endeavor and nothing comes with more information on how to improve than failing.

It is all just a matter of how you perceive the information that is given back to you for your efforts.

My experiences with failure have helped me: 
  • Appreciate my tools more
  • Seek more wisdom
  • Make money online through marketing

Even with all of my failings and shortcomings I never gave up on anything. I have stepped back for short periods yes, but I still love games and software as much as I ever did if not more and I can't wait to share my many experiences with some of the things that kept me this whole time.

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