Friday, February 1, 2013

Aseprite - Art Tool for Game Creation

Game Making Tool of Interest: Aseprite

Allegro Sprite Editor (ASE) is an open source image editing tool that is particularly useful if one wants to create their own pixel art for their games. It is very light weight with a learning curve similar to that of Microsoft's most recent installment of MS Paint. This is deal maker for those who are deving on a budget (as most of us struggling and just starting up are).

Offerings for Game Making:

  • Pixely "retro" feel
  • Free Transformations
  • Animations

Good ol Retro

If you want retro...

...then ASE can do it for you. the pixels are double sized giving your creations that classic "blocky" feeling that has become synonymous with old school game.

If you don't want retro...

...then the ASE project site provides you with instructions to revert the pixel scaling back to normal by modifying one of the .ini files here.

Free Transformations

Free transformations a useful way of quickly creating modifying individual or multiple objects that have been drawn in the editing area. Transformation operations include scaling and rotating. Free transformations also allow for a more seamless animating experience, which brings us to the next neat feature...


Simple animation using rotation

ASE has an animating system that makes animating your characters a fairly straightforward process. Pressing the tab key takes you to the animation screen where you edit your frames. It also has a nice onion skinning feature, what's an animating application without onion skinning nowadays?

These a just some of the most basic features of ASE that should put most beginners on the right track to creating fun game objects. More intermediate and advanced functions will be covered later.

Visit the ASE main site is here.

Like what you see so far of ASE? Stay on top of things at the ASE blog here.

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