Friday, February 1, 2013

Fund your own Indie Projects with Online Marketing

What brought me to Internet Marketing?

In the last few months I have tried many ways to earn money to fund my projects while still having time work on my projects.

I have tried:
  • "Contract" work designing web templates
  • Finding a part time job
  • Internet marketing
There are plenty of people who manage to succeed with the first two options. There are only "potential" problems when it comes when you evaluate their ability to bring you income. With contract work you need your tools in tact and functioning to complete the job and getting a part time job actually requires there to be an opening available for you to fill. And well, with me...

...what could go wrong, did...

It's not that I didn't make any money with contract work, it's that I didn't make enough QUICK enough given the amount of time and effort I put forth to it (that and my computer became out of commission).

But me being as persistent as I am I turned to internet marketing and sales and gave that a try.

Fastest Results I Achieved Thus Far!

I have joined a few different opportunities in my search for online income and internet marketing is by far the fastest way I've gotten money into my bank account. It takes dedication and persistence to build up an actual stream but what you reap for what you sow is well worth it. It also gives me an extra edge in my niche...Indie Game Development.

That Extra Edge

What exactly is this extra edge? Well, every business in the world need marketing to get it's product out to the world, and that proves even more true for Indie Game Developers. We are small and make less of a splash when it comes to starting up due to small teams, small budgets, and virtually no publicity. What researching internet marketing has done for me is teach me lots of marketing tips (surprise surprise).

That's right! I have effectively expanded my knowledge in an area that is REQUIRED to succeed in the Indie Game Industry (marketing), while earning money at the same time. What's more is that most of my knowledge was not gained through painful trial and error or shoot and miss. Most of my knowledge came from training that is PROVIDED for you from within the various back offices of the different systems. There are also support groups available for any questions you might have.

You can check the page at the top for more info on different opportunities to fund your indie projects with internet marketing.

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