Apps With HTML5

***Under Construction***

Game Apps

Many people already know about the "app craze", but what does HTML5 have to do with the app craze? HTML5 is booming that's what. HTML5 in it's current state is not able to run on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android "out of the box" with Windows 8 being another story. With iOS and Android acceleration needs to be implemented in order for games to be playable with Windows 8 already having it built in. There are a few other ways to get games to mobile platforms with Construct 2, but I'm going to through the ones I think are the most promising given HTML5's current level of adoption.

Construct 2 can export projects for the following (and more):

  • appMobi (development platform for iOS, Android, and more)
  • CocoonJS (development platform for iOS and Android)
  • Windows 8 right out the box (with Windows Phone 8 right behind it)

Utility and Service Apps

****Soon to come*****

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