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This space is specifically for those who are seriously interested and are willing to do what it takes to fund their own indie projects. Even though this blog is focused on HTML5 and the shift that it brings, not everyone has been touched by an angel investor or is blessed with luxury of living in a well funded environment. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is for anyone looking to make money by way of their own work efforts. This can work for you even if you are focusing on software deployment options other than HTML5. The this I am talking about is internet marketing.

List of Legit Money Making Opportunities

****Only legitimate money making opportunities will be posted to this page, and anything that it found to be OR become illegit will be effectively LET GO and dropped from this list. I find the Indie scene gains strength when we work together, and we don't need no shady companies getting in the way of that.****

1.) Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network is a free marketing system is pre-configured with tools that help to automate a lot of the steps involved in effective online marketing. Now, IPDN is not where your actual payments come from, it's just the funnel that ties together 2+ income funnels all under one umbrella to make it as easy as possible to make the most money possible.

So where does the money come from?

The money comes from the MyCashFreebies network where you get paid on a commission basis for referring FREE trials to different people NOT making sales (there are also paid trials available). This is important to understand because through this system you have the ability to earn money through paypal EVERY business day (and EVERY day within your MyCashFreebies account). This made possible because you not selling anything and do not have to worry about refunds and chargebacks that could potentially affect your commissions. You simply refer the person to the site and once they complete the requirements you get paid quickly.

How quickly?

Within my first week of joining Instant Payday Network I earned $120 without even fully understanding the "internet marketing" side of what I was doing. More in depth testimonials coming soon.

*some of free trials include GameFly, Equifax, and Credit Report (subject to change beyond my control)

For access to more in depth information on how you can earn $20-$60 for simply referring free trials subscribe to my list Instant Payday Network mailing list here.

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