Tools for Game Creation

Here a list of the tools that anyone looking to get into Indie Game Development can go download TODAY without spending ANY money to get started learning the ropes while still being able to create great and complete projects. These are also good for those who are hobbyists and don't really intend to make a living with their projects as these tools won't cost hobbyists a penny.

Programming your games

Construct 2 game maker

Scirra's Construct 2 is a game making software that uses HTML5 along with JavaScript as the base code for the projects created with it. It doesn't require ANY programming knowledge to get things going quickly. For those worried about being able to add your own custom functionality, they do have a JavaScript SDK that allows you develop your own plugins and more. They have a Free Edition that you can download and follow their getting started tutorial and have a playable game literally within an hour.

  • Visit the Construct 2 main site here.

Making 2D Graphics for your games

ASE: Allegro Sprite Editor

Given Construct 2 only (currently) supports 2D games, we need 2D game art, with ASE fitting the bill. ASE is an open source 2D image editing tool that focuses on giving your art that "retro" feel. It has many of the tools pixel art enthusiasts are used to with other features for tiling and animating. Anyone with Photoshop knowledge can quickly get a grip with its workflow.

  • Visit the ASE main site here.

Making Sound for your games



PxTone is an old but well made sound arrangement tool that is most useful for making those chip-tune scores all the veteran game developers and gamers get nostalgia from every time they hear one. It was created by Pixel, creator of the popular Cave Story. Although its age is starting to show, it's still fairly simple to learn and there's a neat guide that reviews most if not all of it's feature.

  • Visit the gr87 site with the application, examples, and a manual here.
  • Visit Pixel's site here.

Sound Effects


Many have already heard of this, but I honestly can't find any other effect generator with the ease of use that Bfxr provides. You just load up the program and with the click of a few buttons you have familiar sounds right at your finger tips.

  • Visit the Bfxr main site here.

With all of these tools here you get started making a "feature complete" game free of charge, only needing a license for Construct 2 if you are ready to start making income from you projects.

Happy deving!

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